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Before I buy any service or product, I want to know a little about what I'm getting into.  For massage, this means getting to know the person who is going to be helping me relax and begin or continue my healing journey.  I imagine you want to know the same thing, since you're here on this page.

So allow me to introduce myself to you.

Like many massage therapists, I came to massage therapy later in life.  It certainly was not the first thing I tried as I sought to understand the world and my place in it.  I have worked in many different jobs from serving to almost 20 years as a realtor.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my long and wandering path to massage therapy actually served to teach me some important things about myself.  I have learned…




Continual personal growth




Confidence in the love and grace of God

I studied massage therapy at Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy, in Tucson, AZ and graduated from their 750-hour program with a 4.0


As I place my hands on someone and allow myself to start feeling what's going on in their body, a very special connection is made.  As I start to work, I can feel the stress leaving their body.  Tight muscles relax and unwind.  Breathing deepens.  Parts of the body that where held rigidly start to loosen up and return to a more natural, healthy alignment.  Healing occurs and it’s beautiful.

It’s a great gift and an honor that my clients give me by allowing me to help them relax and set down the stress and tension they have been carrying.  I am grateful for the trust they place in me.



About Linda


License # MT-21102